Pintail Ltd

Founded in 2001, Pintail Limited is an Irish SME specializing in supporting scientific research through effective administration, high-impact dissemination and informed exploitation planning.

As a partner in MENTBEST, Pintail will deliver expert project management and administrative support.

Project Staff


Ciaran Clissmann

Director, Pintail Ltd
Ciaran Clissman is founder and director of Pintail Ltd. Since 2001, he has grown Pintail to the largest and most successful Irish company specialising in large publicly-funded projects. Apart from projects funded by the EU, he has also helped to create and manage several large industry-academic collaborations in Ireland (total funding >400 million euro), as well as major philanthropies (Atlantic), charities (Cancer Research UK, Wellcome Trust) and UK agencies (Innovate UK).


Ainslie O’Connor

Consultant Project Manager, Pintail Ltd

Ainslie O’Connor is an EU Consultant Project Manager at Pintail. With over 20 years of experience working in public institutions internationally, she has extensive knowledge and skill in managing and successfully delivering public policy, programs, and EU projects. Ainslie has led and coordinated many large and diverse project consortia.