The overall objective of MENTBEST is to enable vulnerable individuals, mental health practitioners, and communities across Europe to prevent and mitigate mental health problems (clinical and non-clinical) related to rapid changes in our societies.

To achieve this, we will pursue the following Specific Objectives (SO):

SO1: to characterise the scale and severity of mental health challenges associated with rapid societal, economic, environmental and other change in Europe, particularly for five vulnerable groups (migrants/refugees, older people, younger people, long-term unemployed, those with mental disorders).

SO2: to identify and synthesize published, high-quality interventions that address these challenges and/or are particularly focused on the vulnerable groups.

SO3: to combine these interventions, plus the modified version of the MENTINA self-management app (SO5), with the adapted and expanded EAAD 4-level intervention programme, to create COMBINA- a community-based intervention programme focused on sub-clinical mental health, resilience and mental disorder prevention.

SO4: to implement COMBINA in five model regions, and evaluate its clinical and cost effectiveness, and user usability/acceptability, with the ultimate aim to use these results to enhance COMBINA.

SO5: to develop the MENTINA app and to assess its effects on mental health in an RCT.

SO6: to perform systematic analyses on the data collected within the RCT to explore the degree to which more complex and AI-enabled time series analyses further improve their value for the user, can be automated and can be integrated in an improved version of the MENTINA app.

SO7: Finally, the project will build an enhanced COMBINA package, including the outputs of SO4, SO5, and SO6, and promote and circulate it as well as its component interventions to new regions, with the ongoing (during and after the project) support of EAAD.

An important additional MENTBEST focus is to empower people via an app (MENTINA app) to use long-term data they generate on a daily basis via their smartphone for a better understanding and management of their mental health problems.