Copenhagen Affective Disorder research Center (CADIC)

The CADIC was established in 2000 (before it was entitled the Affective disorder research unit) and has a close collaboration with the Copenhagen Affective Disorder clinic.

The overall scientific objective of the CADIC is to study genetic and environmental risk factors for the onset of affective disorders, the psychopathology, behavior, cognition and biology of affective disorders, the course and long-term outcome of affective disorders and the effect of treatments of affective disorders.

The CADIC possesses scientific and clinical skills within clinical, epidemiological, neurobiological, neuropsychological, laboratory, preclinical, translational and brain imaging research in affective disorders. The CADIC consist of both medical doctors, psychologist, nurses and (psychology and medical) students.

Currently, the CADIC consist of five professors, a senior researcher, post docs and ph.d. students (in addition to research assistants, including medical students assisting in the assessments of study participants).

Team Members

Lars Vedel Kessing

Lars Vedel Kessing

Psychiatrist. Professor. MD, DMSc

Maria Faurholt-Jepsen

Maria Faurholt-Jepsen

Psychiatrist, DMSc, Ass. research Prof.

Psychiatric Center Copenhagen, Denmark