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EU-Horizon Europe funded 5-year MENTBEST project starts

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Protecting mental health in times of change
EU-Horizon Europe funded 5-year MENTBEST project starts

Frankfurt. Europe is in a time of dramatic change – war, economic crisis, climate change, migration, digitalisation, pandemics, ageing and demographic change. These megatrends can negatively impact people’s psychological health and wellbeing – with vulnerable groups being at particular risk.
MENTBEST will design, deliver and validate proven community-based interventions and innovative technologies to prevent and mitigate the mental health challenges associated with dramatic and rapid change in Europe. MENTBEST will focus on five vulnerable groups: migrants/refugees, older people, younger people, long-term unemployed, and those with mental disorders.

Professor Ulrich Hegerl, MENTBEST Project Coordinator and President of the European Alliance Against Depression, explains:

The ambition of MENTBEST is to increase resilience and self-help competencies of people most often left behind in times of rapid and dramatic societal changes.’

What exactly will MENTBEST deliver?

MENTBEST will deliver a new comprehensive community-based intervention programme to communities in five different countries: Albania, Estonia, Greece, Ireland and Spain. This new programme will build on the proven community-based 4-level intervention programme of the European Alliance against Depression (EAAD), already used to address depression and prevent suicide in 17 European countries.

Innovative technology in the form of an app driven by artificial intelligence, will also be designed, developed and trialled in MENTBEST – with the goal of enabling people to use their long-term smartphone-generated data to aid their mental health self-management. This app will be tested in Denmark, Germany and Spain.

Proven expertise from 14 project partners

MENTBEST is a 5-year, 7 million Euro project led by the European Alliance Against Depression with a further 13 partners from across Europe. The extensive and multidisciplinary expertise of the MENTBEST consortium includes leading experts in mental health promotion, resilience, wellbeing and primary prevention of disorders, mental disorders and suicide prevention, mental health in the workplace, mental health in children and adolescents, mental health in old age and experts in e-mental health and support technology, public policy, public education and evaluation.

Prof. Ulrich Hegerl is President of the European Alliance Against Depression. He is also President of the German Depression Foundation and holder of the Johann Christian Senckenberg Distinguished Professorship at the Goethe University Frankfurt. Prof. Hegerl is an international expert in depression research and suicide prevention and has coordinated several large EU-funded projects on these topics, including EAAD-Best, PREDI-NU and OSPI Europe.


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